Funding and Rebates

Medicare: for those who are eligible for and have received a referral for the ‘Chronic Disease Management’ plan (formally the ‘Enhanced Primary Care’ plan) from their GP, then you are entitled up to 5 speech therapy sessions rebated by Medicare. Currently, the rebate given for speech therapy is $52.95 per session, unless you have met the Medicare Safety Net for the year. If this is the case, you are eligible for an 80% rebate of the total cost of service. If you have further questions about these plans or questions about the Medicare Safety Net please contact your GP, or refer to the ‘Department of Humans Services’ website.

Department of Veteran Affairs: For those who are eligible for speech therapy services under their level of cover, the Department of Veteran Affairs can cover the total costs of all services. To find out if you are eligible for speech therapy services please contact the Department of Veteran Affairs.


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Private Health Insurance: Depending on your level of cover, your private health insurance may provide rebates for speech therapy services. The dollar amount for each rebate and the number of sessions that can be rebated are dependent on your policy/level of cover. Please contact your Private Health Insurer to determine if you are eligible for speech therapy.

Better Start, HCWA and the NDIS: Currently we are unable to provide our speech therapy services under these funding options. However we are currently working toward this, so please WATCH THIS SPACE!