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  • Initial Consultation and Assessment

    The first step is to come in and sit down with your Speech Pathologist to discuss any concerns you have with your communication or swallowing. They will then work through the assessment process with you using a variety of formal and informal assessments and observations.
    At the end of your assessment your Speech Pathologist will evaluate all the information collected through the session and develop your Assessment report. This will be discussed with you in detail at your next session.

  • Following your Assessment

    Following the assessment your speech pathologist will provide you with an assessment report. They will discuss the results from the assessment, discuss your goals for therapy and provide you with options to target those goals. From there you will begin your journey to improving your communication or swallowing skills with your Speech Pathologist guiding you every step of the way.

  • Therapy

    Your Speech Pathologist will devise an individualized therapy plan to help target your swallowing/communication goals. Each of your therapy sessions will aim to contribute towards your goal
    How many therapy sessions you will need is dependent on what your goals are. Your Speech Pathologist will discuss this with you in more detail.


A referral is not required to access speech therapy services at Great Minds Speech Pathology. However we can receive referrals from GP’s, Ear Nose Throat specialists, audiologists, psychologists and dieticians.

Referrals may also be provided from… More info


Funding and Rebates

Click here for more information regarding eligibility for funding and rebates through various services including Medicare, Department of Veteran Affairs, Private Health Insurance, Better Start, HCWA and the NDIS

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 Mobile Therapy Options

For those who are unable get transport to the clinic, or have a busy schedule, a mobile therapy option is available. A surcharge of $15 does apply for this service and is generally limited to those living within 15 kms of our Darra based clinic. This however can be adjusted, on discussion with one of our speech pathologists.