There can be many reasons for a person to develop communication or swallowing difficulties. Some people may have ongoing difficulties while others may have developed them following an event such as a stroke. Regardless of the cause, such difficulties not only affect a person’s ability to express themselves, it can impact them on a social and emotional level let alone on an educational or professional level.

At Great Minds Speech Pathology, we provide supportive speech therapy assessment and services for adults in the areas of voice, speech articulation problems, language and literacy concerns and swallowing difficulties acquired as a result of stroke or other neurological conditions.




Our voice is an important vehicle for expressing our thoughts, ideas and emotion. So when we have vocal problems it can be very concerning, especially those who rely on their voice for a living (such as Teachers, singers, actors etc).

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Swallowing is an automatic process that we don’t consciously need to think about. So when something goes wrong with our ability to swallow, it can be a very unpleasant experience. Dysphagia is the term used to refer to difficulties with eating and/or swallowing, and can often occur following a stroke or head injury.

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Speech Articulation, Language & Literacy Difficulties

Following neurological events such as stroke or head injury, speech, language or even literacy can be affected. This may include diagnoses such as Dysarthria, Apraxia, Aphasia and others.

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